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Biostatistics & Data Management Core

Director: Chen, John J. , Ph.D.


The University of Hawai’i John A. Burns School of Medicine Biostatistics & Data Management Core provides research design and biostatistical analysis collaborations and support to investigators from the John A. Burns School of Medicine, School of Nursing, as well as other schools and departments. The core serves as the biostatistics core/key function for several NIH institutional infrastructural grants at University of Hawaii, including RCMI Multidisciplinary And Translational Research Infrastructure eXpansion Program (RMATRIX), RCMI Bioscience Research Infrastructure Development for Grant Enhancement and Success Program (BRIDGES), RCMI Center for Native and Pacific Health Disparities Research (CNPHDR), and IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE). Biostatistics services and collaborations include research design, data analysis, results dissemination, methodology development, and training and education. Biostatistical expertise covers epidemiologic investigations, bench science research, clinical studies and trials, and community-based investigations. Methodological research and the development of novel approaches are also conducted by this core. Consultations are provided to investigators and collaborative partnerships are formed to further develop biomedical research. This core also provides teaching and training in biostatistics and research design. Introductory and advanced biostatistics courses, research ethics courses, and seminars are offered to educate and foster growth in multidisciplinary and translational research. The biostatistics website also includes an online library of statistical tools and educational materials.





  • Data analysis ( Data analysis service )

    - Data entry and database management
    - Data cleaning and coding
    - Comprehensive univariable and multivariable analyses
    - Data safety monitoring and interim analysis
    - Tailored statistical tool development to address specific research questions and challenges

  • Research design ( Support service )

    - Grant proposal development and review
    - Research feasibility discussion to establish testable research hypothesis
    - Sample size and statistical power determination
    - Data-instrument development, such as questionnaire
    - Data-coding protocols
    - Database format development
    - Sampling procedures

  • Results dissemination ( Support service )

    - Statistical results interpretation
    - Results presentations (e.g., figures and tables) for manuscripts and posters
    - Statistics and results section write-up for reports and publications

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