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RCMI Bioinformatics Core Facility

Director: Belcaid, Mahdi, Ph.D.


The RCMI Bioinformatics Facility at UHM gives local researchers access to computational resources (hardware and software), and offers bioinformatics support either as a service or as a collaboration. The core specializes in pipelines for the bioinformatics analysis of high-throughput sequencing and gene expression data.






  • EMBOSS ( Software )

    EMBOSS is "The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite". EMBOSS is a free Open Source software analysis package specially developed for the needs of the molecular biology (e.g. EMBnet) user community. The software automatically copes with data in a variety of formats and even allows transparent retrieval of sequence data from the web. Also, as extensive libraries are provided with the package, it is a platform to allow other scientists to develop and release software in true open source spirit. EMBOSS also integrates a range of currently available packages and tools for sequence analysis into a seamless whole. EMBOSS breaks the historical trend towards commercial software packages.

  • FlowJo ( Software )

    Flow cytometry data and statistical analysis software.

  • GraphPad Prism ( Software )

    GraphPad Prism is a powerful combination of basic biostatistics, curve fitting and scientific graphing in one comprehensive program....Designed for the practical scientist, Prism does not expect you to be a statistician. It guides you through each analysis - giving you as much help as you need - and tracks and organizes your work like no other program available.

  • Ingenuity IPA ( Software )

    IPA is an all-in-one, web-based software application that enables analysis, integration, and understanding of data from gene expression, miRNA, and SNP microarrays, as well as metabolomics, proteomics, and RNAseq experiments.

  • Sequencher ( Software )

    A GUI based tool for DNA analysis such as, sequence assembly and analysis tools for next-generation or traditional (Sanger or Capillary Electrophoresis) DNA data sets.

  • USearch (64bits) ( Software )

    Usearch is programs that uses a new algorithm enabling sensitive local and global search of large sequence databases at exceptionally high speeds.

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