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Ernst Lab


Dr. Ernst is a Professor at the JABSOM in the Dept. of Medicine, UH and an MR Physicist with extensive experience in the application of advanced MR techniques to clinical research in various brain disorders, especially in the areas of HIV and substance abuse.




Human Studies

  • Creating a Pediatric Imaging-Genomics Data Resource; PING (Pediatric Imaging Neurocognition & Genetics) Study ( Observational study )

    "The goal of this study is to evaluate how genes may influence brain development through the creation and use of a pediatric imaging and genomics data resource. This is a multicenter study that will involve investigators from 9 participating sites:

    University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI
    University of San Diego, CA
    Johns Hopkins University/Kennedy Kreiger Institute, MD
    Yale University, CT
    Cornell University/Sackler Institute, NY
    University of California Los Angeles, CA
    University of California Davis, CA
    University of Massachusetts, MA
    Massachusetts General Hospital, MA

    Together, they will study 1400 children using advanced magnetic resonance imagine (MRI) techniques, the NIH Toolbox to assess cognitive function, and screening of genes in the saliva."

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