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Nutrition Support Shared Resource

Director: Boushey, Carol


Nutrition Support Staff at CRCH provides dietary assessment information that will support diet-related cancer research studies.

The staff of the resource perform several services:

- Maintain a food composition table with information on up to 174 nutrients and food components for over 2300 foods.
- Maintain a supplement composition table for up to 217 nutrients and food components in over 3300 dietary supplements.
- Develop quantitative scannable food frequency questionnaires for use in epidemiologic studies and provide the nutrient composition data needed for the analysis of questionnaire responses.
- Review the accuracy of food records, dietary recalls, and dietary supplement questionnaires, and assist with data entry procedures.
- Provide training for project staff in appropriate dietary data collection methods.
- Assist with the design, analysis, and interpretation of dietary data for studies of diet and cancer.



    Member: Au, Donna
    Role: Research Dietitian Supervisor



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