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The primary research interest of the laboratory is the study of the role of diacylglycerol pathways in cancer. As part of the Natural Products & Cancer Biology Program, we also participate in the screening of natural products in the search of novel anticancer agents.

Specific Projects

1) RasGRP1 and mouse skin carcinogenesis
Our studies are directed towards the investigation of RasGRP1 signaling in mouse keratinocytes and its participation in skin carcinogenesis utilizing both, knockout and transgenic mouse models. This project is supported by NCI.

2) RasGRP1 in human keratinocyte biology and transformation
We are investigating the role of RasGRP1 in human epidermal cells, utilizing 3-D organotypic cultures (skin reconstructs). This project is supported by Hawaii Community Foundation.

3) Role of RasGRP in angiogenesis
We are examining the participation of some of the RasGRP isoforms in the effect of diacylglycerol analogs in angiogenesis, using HUVEC (human umbilical vein endothelial cells) as our model. This project is supported by Department of Defense.





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