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Biostatistics Shared Resources

Director: Wilkens, Lynne


The Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) provides statistical consultation and support to the research enterprise of the University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center. The primary goal of the resource is to improve the quality of the research through sound statistical principles. The resource was established in 1995 and provides access to statistical support to all Center members on all aspects of research. The BSR provides short-term as well as long-term support for research projects. Support is provided to scientists in epidemiology, health behavior and quality of life research, and molecular and clinical oncology. The members of the Shared Resource often serve as co-investigators on epidemiology and cancer prevention and control projects. Consultation is available in the following areas: design, data collection, data analysis, statistical programming, interpretation and dissemination of results, and protocol review. The members of the resource have contributed to the publication of many peer-reviewed manuscripts from Center research projects. In addition, the statisticians work on methodological issues important to the research ongoing at UH Cancer Center. One area of interest is measurement error models that correct for bias in model parameter estimates when the exposure variable is measured with error. The role of dietary intake and sunlight exposure in cancer etiology are of interest at the Center, and these variables are measured with error. Another interest is in how susceptibility genes affect cancer risk, in combination with exposure data. Therefore, statistical techniques for the investigation of genes and lifestyle-gene interactions in cancer models are also studied.





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