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The research interests of Dr. Williams center on the discovery and evaluation of these small molecule chemical defenses from marine sources as potential drug leads. In collaboration with the other members of the Cancer Biology Program, marine extracts are screened against a variety of relevant cancer targets. The active constituents are then isolated using a combination of bioassay data and repeated separations. The structures of these metabolites are then determined primarily through the use of high-field NMR spectroscopy and chemical degradation. For example, Dr. Williams and colleagues have recently begun searching for novel inhibitors of the Ras/ERK MAP kinase pathway. Constitutive activation of this pathway is commonly observed approximately 30% of all tumor types and in 90% of all pancreatic tumors in epithelial tumors, hence it represents a potential therapeutic target. To this end, they have begun assaying extracts derived from marine sponges and cyanobacteria in an effort to discover new structural classes of inhibitors. Efforts in the Williams lab are directed towards identifying and characterizing these active components.




  • MarinLit ( Database )

    "MarinLit is a database of the marine natural products literature. In addition to the usual bibliographic data, the database contains an extensive collection of keywords, trivial names, compound information including structures, formulae, molecular mass, numbers of various functional groups, and UV data. All of these items can be searched for either individually or in various logical combinations. Taxonomic data are also included, permitting the exploration of relationships at various levels such as genus, family or order."


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