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Gerschenson Lab


Research in Dr. Gerschenson’s lab studies mitochondria in human cells and tissues. We are interested in adult and pediatric metabolic diseases (HIV and non-HIV insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, fat, muscle, and liver tissue), neurological diseases (HIV peripheral neuropathy and HIV associated dementia), immunological diseases, and cancer. We conduct local, national, international clinical studies to obtain blood, cheek cells, fat tissue, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid, etc. to study mitochondrial genetics, energy metabolism, oxidative stress, cell death. We are also interested in how cytokines regulate mitochondrial genes via transcription and cell signaling.




Human Studies

  • East-Asia HIV Cooperation ( Clinical trial )

    This cohort is located in Thailand. 60% of the participants are men and 40% are women, who receive on of three different drugs that are used in the clinical trial and are observed for fat lost. The average age is 35 years and all patients do blood draws (e.g. insulin, glucose, oxphos).

  • Filipino obesity cohort ( Cohort study )

    This study takes place in Hawaii. It is an obesity prevention program that monitors patients at baseline, post-treatment, after 3 months and after 6 months. All participants do blood work (e.g. insulin, glucose, and oxphos level in the blood).

  • Pediatric HIV study ( Observational study )

    This is classified as a longitudinal study. The patients are monitored for insulin, glucose, and oxphos levels in the blood.


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