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HURL Submersible Facility

Director: Wiltshire, John, Ph.D.


HURL's facilities include two deep-diving (2000 m) submersibles Pisces V and Pisces IV, a remotely operated vehicle RCV-150, and the support ship R/V Ka'imikai-o-Kanaloa. The two submersibles are housed and maintained at Makai Pier.

HURL Data Archive: HURL provides a data package for each Pisces IV, Pisces V or RCV-150 dive. This package includes voice transcripts (Pisces IV & V only), graphs of environmental data (Pisces IV & V only), copies of videotapes with videologs, and copies of up to 250 slides with a photolog. The Data Archive is the custodian of the original data which remain the property of HURL. Databases of organisms and substrates observed on the dives are available for use by the principal investigator. Use of dive data by other scientists is subject to principal investigator approval for 2 years. HURL and NOAA-NURP reserve the right to use slides and video from dives for program promotion.






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