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Offers services in the areas of qPCR, Microarray, Sequencing, and Other Genomic Services. May expand or remove services depending on need or interest. If you have recurring processes that you would like to automate or have us take over, we would be glad to sit down and talk with you to discuss how we can help you acheive your goals. We are aiming to be a self-sustaining entity consisting solely on a chargeback system. Our prices reflect the costs of equipment service contracts, potential and actual maintenence costs, as well as direct and indirect labor costs and administration. Our costs are kept low by being able to provide services in bulk with high throughput, it is therefore sometimes necessary to have minimum orders or fees in order to maintain a positive cost structure.





  • ABI 3730xl DNA analyzer ( DNA sequencer )

    No maintenance service contract. "The 96-capillary 3730xl DNA Analyzer is the Gold Standard for high throughput genetic analysis. Use this for DNA fragment analysis applications such as microsatellites, AFLP, SNP analysis, mutation detection and traditional DNA sequencing. Get the highest quality data at a low cost per sample."

  • ABI GeneAmp 9700 96-well PCR system ( PCR instrument )

    "GeneAmp® PCR System 9700 is specifically designed for the amplification of nucleic acids. The GeneAmp® PCR System 9700 consists of a base module and one of many interchangeable sample block modules. The 96-well GeneAmp® PCR System 9700 is designed for use with 0.2 ml reaction tubes or 96-well reaction plates for all of your routine PCR applications." No maintenance service contract.

  • Agilent G2505B microarray scanner ( Microarray platform )

    No maintenance service contract.

  • Agilent Technologies G1030AX bioanalyzer ( Lab on a chip )

    No maintenance service contract.

  • Beckman Coulter DTX 880 fluorescence and absorbance plate reader ( Microplate reader )

    No maintenance service contract.

  • Biomek FX 717013 liquid handling robot ( Liquid handler )

    No maintenance service contract.

  • Biomek NX MC liquid handling robot ( Liquid handler )

    No maintenance service contract.

  • Eppendorf AG 5430R centrifuge ( Centrifuge )

    no maintenance service contract

  • GeneChip Scanner 3000 ( Array scanner )

    No maintenance service contract.

    "The GeneChip Scanner 3000 incorporates advanced design improvements with space-saving, speed, superior performance, and lower scanner-to-scanner variation to dramatically improve throughput and efficiency in your genetic analysis. This new scanner provides more accurate gridding and more consistent scanner-to-scanner biological performance, improving data integrity and data sharing between researchers. In addition, the GeneChip Scanner 3000 is designed to accommodate future advancements in GeneChip technology. Combined with the GeneChip Autoloader the GeneChip Scanner 3000 provides, sample tracking, temperature control and walk away freedom from scanning."

  • MJ Research PTC-225 thermal cycler ( Thermal cycler )

    No maintenance service contract.

  • Molecular Devices 4000B microarray scanner ( Microarray platform )

    No maintenance service contract.

  • NanoDrop spectrophotometer ( Spectrophotometer )

    Lab contains two of these instruments. Maintenance contracts no longer available due to budget cuts.

  • Speedvac vacuum centrifuge concentrator ( Vacuum centrifuge concentrator )

    No maintenance service contract.


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