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Hui Lab


Dr. Hui's research is based on the development of blood stage malaria vaccines; and studies on the use of different vaccine adjuvants for the malaria vaccines. Specifically, his focus is on the design of vaccines based on the Merozoite Surface Protein 1 (MSP1) by defining critical T and B epitopes of the molecule. His lab also evaluates the use of a variety of immunological adjuvants to enhance vaccine potency and at the same time define the critical pathway for adjuvants’ mode of action. The approaches also study the use of nanoparticle platforms for antigen delivery.




Organisms and Viruses

  • Model of immunogenicity ( Mus musculus )

    Dr. Hui uses his animal models as a host to study the characteristics of the immune response after malaria vaccination. He uses inbred mice (1 type of response) and outbred mice (overall response) in his experiements.


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