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PBRC Computer Network Support Facility


"The Computer Network Support Facility delivers services, information and tools to enhance the scientific productivity of biomedical and bioscience investigators at the University of Hawaii Manoa. Our clients include researchers, administrators and staff in the Pacific Biosciences Research Center and those associated with NIH center grants in the John A. Burns School of Medicine and other departments. Because the majority of our funding comes from the University of Hawaii Research Centers in Minority Institutions Program, we emphasize the development of computer and network tools that are useful to RCMI investigators."(http://www5.pbrc.hawaii.edu/cnsf/index.html)





  • Beowulf cluster ( Computer cluster )

    The cluster runs Fedora Linux and open-source software. The Beowulf cluster consists of 10 computers, each with two Intel dual-core processors (40 total processing units). Six newly purchased computers are to be to be integrated to this cluster. Each of these has two Intel quad-core processors; they are currently running as 6 independent Windows XP platforms. This configuration is being used for biostatistics modeling software that is Windows-based.

  • Raid-1 ( Computer cluster )

    The cluster is running Fedora Linux and runs open-source software.


  • Cluster computing service ( Access service )

    "We provide a parallel computer cluster for high-speed computations and software installation and configuration and end-user training for researchers wishing to use this powerful tool for bioinformatics, biostatistics and modeling."

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