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SOEST Flow Cytometry Facility

Director: Selph, Karen


The Flow Cytometry Facility, operated out of the School for Ocean, Earth Sciences and Technology at the University of Hawaii, provides state of the art instrumentation for analyzing and sorting particles. Flow cytometers detect particles based on their size (scatter) and fluorescence (auto or imparted by a dye). These particles can be enumerated or simply characterized as to their scatter and fluorescence characteristics. Multiple populations can be separated visually and if desired, physically, based on these properties. Flow cytometers work ideally with cells in the 0.2 - 200 µm diameter size range and cell concentrations as low as 1000 cells/ml.







  • Expo32 MultiComp ( Software )

  • FlowJo ( Software )

    Used with the research-grade flow cytometer.

    Flow cytometry data and statistical analysis software.

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