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RCMI Microarray Core Facility


We conduct microarray-related experiments, including developing chips for pathogen discovery, evaluating RNA quality and test chips, processing RNA specimens, hybridizing microarray chips, scanning microarray chips and providing raw data for analysis.





  • Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G ( Gene chip scanner )

    "The GeneChip® Scanner 3000 7G is an extension of the GeneChip® Scanner 3000 (GCS 3000) series that allows you to scan next-generation higher-density arrays, including SNP arrays with up to 900,000 SNPs, tiling arrays for transcription and all-exon arrays for whole-genome analysis.

    The GCS 3000 7G combines space-saving and other design improvements with speed, superior performance and lower scanner-to-scanner variation to dramatically improve throughput and efficiency in your genetic analysis. The GCS 3000 7G also provides enhanced auto-focus and more consistent scanner-to-scanner biological performance to improve data integrity and data sharing between researchers."


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